− Vision −

We love art and we also love to eat so we decided to combine our two passions and created Café Capture. Café Capture is an art café offering homemade food and fika. A part of the café is a gallery where we have different exhibitions of photographs. There is also a photo studio for rental – to both professionals and amateurs. .

* Tasty Food

Inspired by cuisines from all over the world, we would like to create simple and yet tasty street food. With a constant changing menu we want to share with us the food that we love which is flavourful and healthy. We strive to have mostly ecological ingredients as possible.


* Meeting place

Come to us for a lunch, to hang out or a fika break – why not just come to relax. Café Capture is a meeting place to connect people who love art by gathering them together to share their passion and interest for art. We can see art in many things as in fashion, nature, photography, cookery – everyone has their own definition.

* Our principles

☆ Fresh products
We serve food that we like and eat ourselves, therefore we use fresh ingredients for then the food tastes the best.

☆ Healthy food
Fresh is not only good but also more nutritious. We want our food to be useful for all ages and also to suit those who train and not train.

☆ Homemade
We do not like factory food and therefore cook our food from scratch. You are cordially welcome to us and try our menu. If you are interested, we have the very small food courses that you can participate in.

− Menu −

The true taste of Café Capture
Good food, taste good * Eat healthy, keep yourself healthy

− Photo Gallery −

We have exhibitors all over the world who exhibit their fine artwork in our gallery, please come and watch them over a cup of CoffTe ; D

− Events −

Here you can see our upcoming events. Hope to see you!

Malmö Festival

Food Market

Come and try our new dishes. We will serve dishes that are not available in the market. Welcome!

  • Augusti 11 - 18, 2017

Live music

Live music with our friends

Coming Soon

  • October 5, 2017
  • 19:00

Cosplay evening

Cosplay Photography

Use your imagination and dress up and win a place in our Cosplay magazine.

  • August 16, 2017
  • 18:00

Photography Event

Do you think you can handle your Camera and your model?

Show us your best photo picture and win prices.

  • August 17, 2017
  • 19:30

− Rent −

We have different kinds of rentals for you, hope something fits you
(Prices below are including VAT)


Rental of photo studio

  • Access to delimited part of the premises with existing photo equipment

Our photo studio is adapted to photograph product, fashion, personnel portraits and advertisements for promotions, websites and printed matter. There are special equipment for portraits, products and advertising photos.


Half day (4 hours) 1 500 kr
A day (8 hours) 2 750 kr
For commercial/commercial use  
Half day (4 Hour) 2 250 kr
A day (8 Hour) 4 000 kr
The price includes equipment:  

2 st Profoto D2 500 watt 
1 st Profoto B1 500 watt 
1 st Air Sync
Profoto Softbox 3X4' RFI 90X120 
Profoto White Beauty dish 
Elinchrome Indirect Octa 180 cm
Elinchrome Deep Octa 100 cm
Manfrotto Light Stands 
2 Szabad camera tripod
Various reflex screens


* Additional costs for the photo session are subject to a surcharge.
Contact us for a quote.


Rental for educational purposes and workshops

  • Access to a screened part of the premise with projector and seating for up to 20 people

We would like to work with you who want a workshop, we also have our own workshops that you can join


2 Hour

4 Hour

8 Hour

750 kr

1 250 kr

2 250 kr


* If requested we are able to provide beverages and food in connection to the workshops.




Rental for events


  • Access to the whole premise (excluding kitchen and office part)

For those who need to rent a place for your small or medium party. Business mingling, student party, birthday etc. We can help you plan your event.


1 Hour 625 kr
2 Hour 1 125 kr
4 Hour 2 125 kr
8 Hour 3 750 kr
* If requested we are able to provide beverages and food in connection to the event.  

*Terms & Conditions for renting*

☆Availability for rental
During the ordinary opening hours of the cafe, we have only limited availability for rental.
Opening hours are as follows: Monday - Friday: 11-16 and Saturday: 11-15

It is possible to rent the photo studio during the opening hours the café,
as long as the tenant finds it acceptable that other customers will be in the café at the same time.

Prepayment is required and can be made through bank transfer or direct payment in the café.

A deposit of 500 kr is also required and will be additional to the price.
The deposit is a guarantee that the premise will be handed back in the same condition as it was before the rental.
The deposit will be repaid when the rental ends.

Cancellation must be made at least 5 days before the rental starts.
Or else full payment will be charged.

The tenant is responsible for not using the premise in a disturbing or disorderly way.
The premise in only allowed to be used for its purpose.
The tenant must handle all the equipment in the premise in a cautious and careful way.
Damages or lost items occurred in the premises or on equipment will be replaced by the tenant according to market value.
It is also the responsibility of the tenant to have full insurance for their own or leased equipment.

The tenant is responsible to place back all inventories and equipment as they were.
If cleaning is not done, the tenant will be charged for 500 kr, meaning no repayment of deposit.

There are monitoring in the premise that records all activities.
All record material will only be used in case of suspected theft or damage.

Downloadable price list

Get in touch with us

We love to get a letter from you or send us your reservations for our events

Hard to find us!?
Just follow the map ;)

Café Capture, Stora Nygatan 40, 211 37 Malmö